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The INTERLOK shareholder MaLoWa is one of the leading German specialized companies for overhauls of steam, and diesel locomotives, passenger and freight cars for narrow and standard gauge. The company relies to the more than 100 years old tradition of industrial railway workshop business in their region, the Mansfeld county. After the collapse of former East German state GDR, leading managers of the then state owned company privatized the repair workshop and developed it to an allround railway servicer.

Due to a strict quality management and openness to deversified requirements of customers, MaLoWa workshops are the repair clinics for a broad range of rolling stock material: cars, diesel and steam locomotives on narrow and standard gauge, fireless steam locomotives and narrow gauge battery driven/electric locomotives.

Since 1999, MaLoWa Ltd. is a shareholder of the Polish railway workshop INTERLOK. Therefore, MaLoWa Ltd. is also the right adress for any customer who wishes to sign a contract with a well known company from the European Union, using their quality know how, without loosing the opportunity to get a Polish company with their lower price level involved. In cooperation between MaLoWa Ltd. and INTERLOK Ltd. in Poland, among others, the recent general overhaul of Delmenhorst-Harpstedt railway ( DHEF) locomotive No 2 was being done. PLEASE CHECK THE DHEF-Website


The industrial 040 HENSCHEL steam locomotive - fabrication No. 10802 - from 1911 (Ex-gas works Frankfurt/Main-Ost, in service until 1968) of PRIGNITZ RAILWAYS.(This photograph: Uwe Cieslak; others: Hermann Schmidtendorf). The overhaul of the locomotive was carried out in Poland, the technical supervision, and passing, as well as contracting was undertaken by MaLoWa Ltd. (Photographies: from right to left: Gerhard KELLNER - managing director of MaLoWa, Marek FURTACZ - direktor of INTERLOK, GŁnter SCHWERTNER - welding expert of MaLoWa, during a boiler visual inspection at Pila. The lower photograph shows members of the Polish specialist work crew of INTERLOK.)


Another joint project of INTERLOK and MaLoWa: Three wheel sets of a BR 23 class steam locomotive of Cottbus Railway Association (diameter 1750 mm) were tyred and reeled according to an order of MaLoWa. The photography shows MaLoWa-director Gerhard KELLNER during a visit at Pila after tyring the wheel sets. They were delivered at the beginning of May, 2002.